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Luxembourg Airport (LUX)-Trier
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Transfer from Luxembourg Airport to Metz

Book your reliable taxi transfer from Luxembourg Airport to Metz

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Luxembourg Airport to Metz

Arriving at Luxembourg airport, do you need a transfer to Metz, France? luxembourg­ is a well established transport company providing transfer by private car, minibus or coach for groups and for individuals. 60­65 kilometers to go, we offer one of the fastest transport services.

Twin city of Luxembourg, Metz is a charming town of the French Lorraine region. Metz has been standing for 3000 years. Having variously been a Celtic oppidum, then a Gallo­Roman city. Later the Merovingian capital of the Austrasia kingdom. The birthplace of the Carolingian dynasty. A cradle of the Gregorian chant. Last but not least one of the oldest republics in Europe.

The several layers of architecture, the cultural thickness its long history yielded is what makes Metz’s most noteworthy feature. Sites we recommend you to visit include:


  • Metz Cathedral ­ with its 42 metre high vaults, it is one of the highest Gothic cathedrals. Built between 1220 and 1552, product of the unification of two distinct churches it is an incredible beauty.
  • Canal de la Moselle ­ people stroll leisurely by the Mosel canal day and night for it has an unrivalled atmosphere.
  • La Cour d'Or ­ top museum in Metz. Urban development projects having been undertaken during the German period, which allowed for exceptional archeological discoveries to be made. Results were taken into the care of La Cour d’Or and are displayed today.
  • Fort de Queuleu ­ 19th century fortification, military site to the southeast of Metz.
  • Marche Couvert ­ the great marketplace offering real insight to French cuisine.
  • Porte des Allemands ­ “German door” is a small, independent fortified castle, an icon of the city of Metz. Named after hospitaller brothers, who founded a hospital nearby in the 13th century.
  • Eglise de Sillegny ­ medieval frescos in a small church from the early 16th century.

Metz gained its nickname of The Green City (La Ville Verte) given its abundance in open grounds and charming public gardens.