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Transfer from Luxembourg Airport to Dudelange

Book your reliable taxi transfer from Luxembourg Airport to Dudelange

taxi transfer from luxembourg airport to dudelange

Luxembourg Airport to Dudelange

Finding taxi transport from Luxembourg Airport to Dudelange can be hard these days, mostly because there are so many people waiting in line to get the first taxi car in front of the airport! However, with our large staff and a number of taxi cars, we can assure you that none of our customers will wait in line. Our company can offer the fastest and safest taxi transportation from the airport in Luxembourg to Dudelange. Before arriving in Luxembourg, make sure that you book a car from our company and have one of the most accommodating taxi rides you ever had.

Dudelange is a small town nearby Mount St.Jean. It is also known as "Forge du Sud". This lovely little town located in Luxembourg is one of the most authentic places that is worth visiting. There are about 19.700 inhabitants who live in this southern city these days. Dudelange is nearby the French border, so when you walk around the streets and hidden corners of this place, you will easily see the architectural influence that originates from France.

According to the latest statistics, Dudelange is the third most populous city in Luxembourg.  Dudelange has three "twin" cities - Lauenburg, a city in Germany, Lebork, a Polish city and Manon, a lovely typical French city. Some of the most notable people who were born in this town located in the South are Ben Gastauer, a professional cyclist, Dominique Lang, an impressionist movement painter and Erna Hennicot Schoepges.

One of the most unique architectural pieces that should be visited is the church. It dates back from 1894 and it has been made in a unique looking neo-gothic style that was quite impressive back in the days and it is even more appreciated today. The paintings in the church were made by a local painter. The building needed to be restored back in the 90's. Unexpectedly, the church is quite big for a small town and it has room for approximately 2190 individuals inside. It is as long as it is high, about 63.5 meters.

Another place that is worth mentioning when you think about Dudelange is ARBED. This is a place where steel is produced. It used to be the number one place where steel was produced and then sold throughout the whole world. The "D" in ARBED actually comes from the capital letter of the city. This place has a strong connection with the area, mostly because the town was built back in the day by steel workers.

If you need a private taxi transport from the airport in Luxembourg to the city of Dudelange, do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide the best car we have for each of our passengers and give you a quick ride to this charming little town located in the south of our beautiful country.